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Automating AD cleanup with PowerShell – Updated

So, a while back I put together a script to automate the cleanup of inactive computer accounts. Since then, I’ve had a need to take that automation to the next level and target multiple OUs, as well add some additional … Continue reading

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Deploying the SCCM Client with a VMware Customization Spec

Since SCCM is our configuration management tool of choice, the SCCM client needs to get installed on all of our newly provisioned VMs. For this exercise I created a service account that only has read permission to the \\sccmserver\sms_sitecode\client share … Continue reading

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Cleaning up inactive computer accounts in AD with PowerShell

Have you ever had a need to clean a large number of unused computer accounts out of AD? This can be done quickly and easily with PowerShell. For AD work I personally prefer to use the Dell/Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell of … Continue reading

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