My VCAP5-DCD Exam Experience

Well, for anyone who has been following my past few posts, you will know that it has been a VMware certification exam packed month for me. It started with the VCAP5-DCA, then I took the new VCA-DCV exam in my hotel room one night during VMworld, and two days later, I took the VCAP5-DCD since the VMworld price of $100, in my opinion, was worth an unstudied and unprepared try. I purchased the VMware Press VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide and took all of the beginning of chapter “do I know this” quizzes. I did surprisingly well (compared to my expectations) and then loaded up the practice exam from the included DVD. I went through the practice exam 4 or 5 times and passed every time so this gave me a little more confidence. It was about 10pm so I went ahead and scheduled the exam for 10am the next morning.

I’ll be honest, while I did pass the DCD, it was not a slam dunk, I passed it by 26 points. The exam was a grueling 3.75 hours. It is 100 questions and I think 6 of them were Visio style. As the time went on my confidence quickly diminished. I feel like my technical and design skills are quite good, but having a firm grip on good design methodology, the related terms, and how to apply them is equally, if not more important. If I had more time to prepare, I have no doubt that the content of the cert guide would have pushed my score much higher and I will defiantly be reading it cover to cover as preparation for my VCDX attempt.

This exam is much different than any I have taken previously and really forces you to think. Experience will be the best preparation you can have since the scope is so broad. As always, the blueprint lays out what you need to know. This is certainly one of the more rewarding certifications for me, I feel like VMware has done a great job with the VCAP program and the exams do a good job of knowledge measurement.

Now its time to take this experience and use it to start preparing for the VCDX!

If you have any feedback or are planning to take the test soon, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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